Lose fat with a dummies guide

Author: Lucy Burns
I actually found a product that works and very happy with the results which is why I am sharing it with you so it can help you like it helped me so here it is: http://bit.ly/gQCOjb
What if we could show you a system of eating which was so different from anything else you've ever seen, that you'll notice a change in your body in just 11 Days from Today?

Forget about your past dieting failures for a moment.

Just focus on one thought right now..........WHAT IF it was really possible to change your body in 11 days?

Believe it or not it's really possible to change your body over the NEXT 11 DAYS, and it has NOTHING to do with positive thinking.......because positive thinking all by itself won't remove a single pound from your body.

That's right...........if you want to get NOTICEABLY THINNER IN THE MIRROR then you need MUCH MORE than just "positive thinking".

Okay.........get ready to be shown an Eating System which is so unique that you're going to be anxious to begin immediately.
Well, you've already discovered that low calorie diets don't work.
Food is like a LIGHT SWITCH which can turn Fat Burning ON or OFF.

So even though it may seem like a contradiction to say that eating more often is the solution to weight loss............that's exactly what our New Dieting System is all about.
Of course, you must eat the right meals in the right patterns each day (since obviously you cannot eat chocolate 10 times per day and get skinny).

However, the bottom line is that you'll be eating MORE than 3 meals per day during the next 11 Days.......and after 11 days have passed you'll be much slimmer and lighter on the scale.

So what does this tell you?

...It tells you that eating less is NOT THE ANSWER, and it tells you that the solution must be something totally different.

We know that there are *some* people who don't truly believe that they can change their own body within the next couple weeks, but please keep reading below with an open mind.
Guess what?  You're about to shock your body by using a diet which you've never tried before.
This diet is powerful enough to turn seriously overweight people into "thin" people.

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