Making Small DIY Wind Turbines For Your House to Generate Electricity

Author: Richard Green
It is recommended that the turbine should be on or near the building it is connected to, this is where the benefits of small DIY turbines are clearly visible as they do not harm the aesthetics of the property as traditional turbines do. On top of buildings, they are also less likely to intrude on any natural surroundings and therefore gain favourability with any planning regulations in your area. A report recently commissioned demonstrated how turbine installations are increasing threefold year by year and this level of expansion is showing no signs of slowing down as homeowners discover the benefits of generating their own electricity from home.

These systems are particularly suited to urban environments, where the wind can often be turbulent and the speed relatively low. You can ensure that you maximise the energy generated by ensuring the optimal sitting of the turbine around the building - looking to augment the prevailing wind could prove to be the most important aspect of your wind turbine setup, particularly in areas where wind speed is limited.

One system that has been suggested to alleviate the weather-dependency of wind turbines is to use a wind-solar hybrid system. The generation of electricity with a combination of a wind and solar energy allows the two systems to complement each other; as wind levels are at their highest in winter, whilst solar output is highest in the summer when wind can fill in the night-time gap in solar generation. This allows you to have a near constant supply of your own generated electricity! This hybrid system has considerable economical and practical advantages for the homeowner and this system is sure to be widely used as people discover the vast benefits if offers.

It is possible to save thousands off the traditional costs of wind turbines and solar panels by building your own. You will save money, reduce your bills, help the environment, have a lot of fun and it's certainly not as technically demanding as you might think – anyone can do it! You could even make yourself a very respectable second income by making and selling your own renewable devices to family/friends. Don't hesitate, start straight away... Go to the earth4energy guide now for further details.

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