The First Step to Building Homemade Solar Cells

Author: Heather Sneed
As more and more people start to take energy savings seriously, many are learning how to make their own homemade solar cells and install their own DIY solar panels.  Though some might think it is not an easy task that anyone can do, the facts are that it is not all that difficult to build a solar panel from scratch and take advantage of free energy.

The quest for an alternative energy home and independent green living is not new, but as utility prices continue to go up, it becomes more important to learn about all of the renewable energy advantages that solar power provides.  Many communities are starting to put together workshops and classes to help the independent-minded homeowner learn how to install their own homemade solar cells.

Though there is a drive to teach people about solar power, it is still not used by enough people.  If you're in a community that is not as energy conscious as others, then maybe it's time to look at other avenues of leaning about all of the steps necessary to make your own homemade solar cells.  The Internet is full of great resources and how-to guides.

There are Several Ways to Build Homemade Solar Cells –
You should always remember one thing about making your own homemade solar cells:  there are several ways to do it, and many of them vary in cost greatly.  If you want to learn about solar energy and how to make your own homemade solar cells and panels without spending a ton of money, then your best bet is to find a good step by step guide.

Step by Step Guides Make Building Homemade Solar Cells Easy –
The perfect guide for making homemade solar cells and panels will give you a lot of different options and information.  Some guides out there only say that you need to buy a certain type of materials, which most of the time is only offered by them or some other related company.  Though this might not be a bad thing, it is still good to leave all your material options open.

Some DIY solar panel guides also come with premade materials that can give you a jump start on getting going, while also giving you the options to make your own homemade solar cells.  These guides can sometimes be a really good choice if you want to install several different solar panels around your home or RV.  This way you can learn a bit about how to make them right and if you don't think they'll look good on your home you can always use them while camping.

Education is the Key to Building Homemade Solar Cells the Right Way –
The bottom line with most DIY projects, especially with constructing homemade solar cells, is to educate yourself before you invest a lot of money.  For this reason, the first thing you should consider before you ever start buying materials is where to get your step by step guide.

With just a few clicks and a little research you'll have no problem finding the best step by step guide for your homemade solar cells project.  Once you find it you'll be well on your way to utilizing solar energy and saving money on your utility bills.

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Why would you pay thousands of dollars for solar energy when you can build your own DIY solar panels at a fraction of the cost? For a step-by-step guide that is both fun and easy, has the solution.

Leadership, It's Everything.....strength & Honor.

Author: Nadira Haniff
It is indeed the perfect day to talk about LEADERSHIP and LEADING WITH STRENGTH. Leadership is one of my favorite topics of discussion because it encompasses so much and also can be interpreted in several different ways & styles.

A leader is someone who assumes that role. Sometimes we have leadership thrust upon us, but nevertheless, that role has to be accepted. How many times have you heard "be the leader people are looking for"? I am sure many times. But how does one become the leader people are looking for? What steps do we take to get to that point?

We have discussed several of those steps this week, but in a nutshell let's recap. Leadership is not a role that is favored by many in the corporate world or otherwise, because it comes with responsibility and expectations. It comes with being there when it is expected for you to be there. But in as much the role of a leader maybe somewhat big to fill, it has the sweetness of all the rewards that we seek. Financial & spiritual as well as many other aspects of our life.

So having said that. And knowing that as networkers and business folks we want to be the leader people are looking for...let's simplify and implement step by doesn't have to be overwhelming or intimidating... just embrace each step one at a time...

(1) A leader is mentally prepared to move forward steadily
(2) A leader has a game plan laid out to follow
(3) A leader understands that the plan is not set in stone, but will need fine tuning
(4) A leader believes with all his/her heart and soul in the himself
(5) A leader believes with all his heart in the mission
(6) A leader believes with all his heart in his/ her team
(7) A leader knows that failure is not an option even though he/she may fail forward
(8) A leader is prepared to be in the front line of battle, doing it first
(9) A leader knows that there are many challenges ahead
(10) A leader knows that there is no prize without the price & so begins with the end in mind...

Teamsters, go forward boldly and become the leader that's in's there, just believe and follow with action...

Nadira Haniff/ Coach

About the Author
I am STRONG. I am COMMITTED. I am an ENTREPRENEUR at heart . I know there is no 'free lunch'. I am ready to PAY THE PRICE to claim the prize. I will not go quietly into the night.. heck no... not without one hell of a fight... I am a Nouveau CALL TO GREATNESS Business Coach & BUSINESS BUILDER.

77 secrets of love by alexandra fox book review

Author: Sherry Lee
Do you truly feel like you'll by no indicates actually find out accurate like? Have you been in like in the past nonetheless it ended bitterly and now you suspect that it may possibly not have already been the actual element right after all? Are you drained of assembly bachelor right after bachelor but nonetheless remaining unable to uncover that correct connection?

The actuality is always that accurate like is some factor that eludes a lot of males and women, but this does not stop us from chasing right after it.

Actually due to the fact mankind came into becoming, like has inspired holidays, songs, dances, publications, motion pictures, Tv exhibits and virtually everything it may lay its furry, mushy and cuddly fingers on.

In situation you're drained of shelling out Valentine's eating ice cream in entrance of the Television alone or giving dirty seems to each and each and every single couple of that passes by, then it could be time to re-fuel your look for accurate like.

Love your self

Have you heard the tune The Best Like of All? If not, then go on the net and obtain it now.
Particular, it is extremely corny, but it's the best testimony to the importance of self-love. By selflove, we are not referring to vanity or narcissism obviously.

The bottom line is: how will you expect another person to really like you in case you cannot even love yourself? Loving yourself signifies caring for yourself by eating the proper meals, obtaining enough rest, pumping up your blood with exercise and usually guaranteeing your well-being.

It indicates heading to the salon for that makeover, stress-free at the spa, shelling out hrs at the bookstore, going on the day-long procuring spree, climbing the Himalayas, studying scuba diving and essentially anything in the globe which you enjoy and makes you pleased.

Loving your self means experiencing your lifestyle to the fullest.
No guy wants to become having a lady who's entirely dependent and often requirements to be saved.

Have realistic standards

Numerous women sample their thought of accurate really like after harlequin romances or Hollywood films and this might be detrimental for your love lifestyle.

If you're awaiting a George Clooney to arrive riding towards you in a white horse then there's a large opportunity that you might be heading to end up an aged maid. Finding accurate love is not about finding someone who has no imperfections, but loving a person regardless of their flaws.

In the event you master these couple of tips, then there's a large likelihood that accurate adore might arrive knocking in your door fairly soon. Just be certain to open your eyes enough to acknowledge it.

To learn more about how to attract a guy, keep his interest, and make him fall in love visit Unforgettable Woman Dating Advice about 77 secrets of love by alexandra fox.

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Attract Whatever You Want in Life

Author: Ruth Brown

In life, you become what you believe you are. We've all heard the term ‘self-fulfilling prophecy'. We talk about self-defeating attitudes, self-sabotage and courting failure. We believe that self development means erasing those negatives.

Somehow, in all the talk of negatives and defeatist attitudes, we neglect to look at the flip side of the personal self development equation - the Universal Law of Attraction. The law of abundance attraction is the base belief behind the power of positive thinking. The Law of Attraction simply states that we attract what we want in life. Stop and REALLY think about that for a moment.

We attract what we want in life.
According to this quantum law of attraction, what you have in your life right now is what you have invited into your life by focusing on it. But, you might be thinking, I WANT to be wealthy. If it's true that we attract what we want in life, why is it that I'm struggling just to meet my bills? Let me tell you a story.

There is a salesman that I know. A few years ago, he was struggling towards a goal he had set for himself - to achieve 100 sales a week for four straight weeks. It never failed, though. For three weeks, he would write 100 sales - but no matter what he did, he could never hit his goal that fourth week. "I was doing everything right," he told me. "Every morning, I started off with a positive affirmation - I will write 100 sales this week. It SHOULD have worked. But that fourth week eluded me time after time. Then one morning, I stopped to really listen to myself. ‘I will write 100 sales this week', my mind said. ‘but I never can get that fourth week,' I answered myself. I wasn't focusing on the positive - I'm three-fourths of the way to my goal. I was seeing the negative. I decided right then and there that I WILL do it this week... and I did."

Abundance attraction begins with believing that good things will happen to you and for you - because you attract them. Like attracts like, the old proverb goes. We've all seen it in action. There are people who appear to be blessed with every good thing that life has to offer. They have a beautiful home, a beautiful spouse, happiness galore - and everything just seems to drop into their laps.

What if I told you that you could BE one of those lucky, blessed people? You can. All it takes is understanding the secret of really believing that good things will come to you.
Every Sunday morning when I was growing up, I woke to a radio program that ended with the words:
"Something good is going to happen to you today."

When you understand the Law of Attraction, you'll understand just how very powerful that one simple sentence is. By believing that Something Good is going to happen, you are taking the first steps to making it happen. Open yourself to believing in the good things that will come to you, and by the force of that Universal Law, attraction will begin to work in your favor.

Something good is going to happen to you today. Something good HAS happened to you today. All you need to do is open the door to let the good things in.

About the Author
Ruth Brown is an inspirational life coach. To learn more about the Law Of Attraction visit: Practical life strategies and success tips can be found at:

Positive Thinking is not Fast Food!

Author: Denise Lammi
Fast food exists because we look for short cuts. We even look for short cuts when it comes to success and happiness. So, short cuts to success and happiness have been packaged and repackaged, over and over again, creating a multi-billion dollar industry. Positive thinking is one of the best selling of these products.

Positive thinking DOES facilitate success and happiness. It CAN create opportunities or outcomes that may not have happened otherwise.

How does positive thinking facilitate success and happiness? How can it improve our circumstances? Why do negative thoughts produce negative results? Is it universal forces, energy, quantum physics, spiritual guides or prayers being answered? NO! It is not.

Thoughts can impact our circumstances because a thought (positive or negative) creates an idea and our subconscious stores the idea. The subconscious then causes the conscious mind to notice information related to that idea. Therefore, positive thoughts cause us to notice opportunities to pursue our goals. Negative thoughts cause us to notice problems and sabotage our success and happiness.

Unfortunately, many of us may not be willing to put in the time and effort that is required to obtain the benefits of positive thinking. Instead, we look for, and buy, short cuts. Often, our hunger for instant success and happiness is so great; we consume "positive thinking fast food" products even if the ingredients are unsubstantiated or implausible. Who really knows or really understands metaphysical laws of the universe, quantum physics or non-corporeal beings? When we're fast food positive thinkers, we don't stop to think about this. We're in a hurry; we're hungry for results.

The main ingredient missing in many positive thinking fast food products is "effort". Unfortunately, even when "effort" is included as an ingredient, we may pay more attention to the packaging and product distractions thereby wasting our efforts on the filler stuff. This is because the filler stuff is easier (and more fun), than the truly essential ingredient, effort.

Effort involves taking personal responsibility for making things happen and taking an active role. For example, the currently popular "law of attraction" principle appeals to the lazy quality in many of us because it "glosses over" that which is really important; which is - YOU have to take responsibility to look for opportunities and YOU have to take action. Instead, proponents of the "law of attraction" tell us to focus on desiring, asking and feeling; and to rely on some aspect of quantum physics to do the work for us. There is very little mention of "doing". Accordingly, it is more likely, than not, that anyone that has achieved their goals while applying the principles of the "law of attraction" has been successful because they have also done some "doing".

My point is that thinking, wanting and visualizing positive things is necessary – but it is not enough. YOU have to take an active role. YOU have to get out of bed in the morning. YOU have to get out of the house. YOU have to look for opportunities. YOU have to be open to the opportunities that YOU see. YOU have to have the courage to act. YOU have to do the work that is required. YOU have to do your best.

In other words, if you really want to benefit from positive thinking, there are no fast food shortcuts. Dreaming about the delicious things you want to eat is great, but you have to shop for the ingredients and then you have to start cooking!

Positive thinking is just one of the foods that promote success and happiness. For a source of many others, read the book "Your Own Devices": A Life Manual. It is comprehensive, practical, easy to read, entertaining and emphasizes that which is essential and proven. More information is available at:

About the Author
Denise Lammi, B.M.A., C.A. is a Chartered Accountant, former partner in a successful firm, lecturer, author of numerous professional development seminars and co-author of the personal development book "Your Own Devices": A Life Manual. She believes that we live in a culture dominated by high achievement and high expectations and we need effective life skills tools to facilitate success and happiness. Denise’s experience with logical thinkers and her research into “tried and true” life skills enables her to describe relevant practical information. The book, “Your Own Devices”: A Life Manual was written for those that seek logical, efficient and effective life skills tools. For more information about Denise or the book, please visit the website

Four Hot Signs Of Attraction

Author: Pick Up Guide

In today's society, beauty, physical attraction, and sexuality are all commonly misunderstood as some transcendent inevitable fact; falsely interlocking the three makes it seem doubly true that in order to initiate attraction between a man and a woman, both sexes should be beautiful to be sexual.

That of course is not true at all. The definitions of beautiful, attraction, and sexual constantly change to serve the social order, and the connection between the three ideas is a recent invention.

Some psychologists contend that the disparity among the concepts of beauty, attractions, and sexuality is based on the premise that both sexes are inclined to physical or sexual attraction because women are able to view men just as men view women, as subjects for sexual and aesthetic evaluation.

In a survey conducted by an "evolutionary psychologist," from 10,000 individuals who were interviewed, it was found out that men have high-regards to physical attraction in their budding sexual mates, while women attach importance to prominence, goals, and monetary sources.

No wonder why most cases of attraction are all based on sexuality and physical attributes. This is because men and women would rather have their significant others physically and sexually capable of giving them their necessities.

For instance, men are attracted to women who look good because this indicates excellent vigor and the capacity to produce offspring babies. On the other hand, women are attracted to men who look good because this indicates abundance in financial resources, in which, the ability to provide the basic necessities to their children is generated.

The point here is that both men and women may have their own basis for attraction but everything is generally focused on the physical and material aspects. This is because attraction is associated with the fact that the physical attributes motivate that part of the brain known as the "hypothalamus" that will produce different kinds of reactions from the body such as sexual arousal, increased heart rate, and perspiration.

So the question now is: How can the individual identify the clear signs of attraction?

There are many probable actions that might suggest attraction. However, the real signs include but not limited to the following:

1. Visual contact

This is when both a man and a woman gazed upon each other and instantly prolonged the moment as they look at each other longer than the typical glance.

Both are completely immersed on each other's anecdote, and every word will impress them both. All eyes are glued to each other that send a message that they are drawn to each other.

2. Preen

Preening means to adorn oneself carefully or to groom oneself with particular attention to details. Hence, attraction sets in when both would try to instantly make a quick fix and conquer each other's space.

3. Flirting

Teasing could have been the more appropriate term for it. This is when both sexes converse in a relaxed manner, with bodily actions associated to their thoughts and feelings, where, most often than not, sexual tensions and arousal are the primary upshots.

4. Physical contact

This is when a woman leans to wards the man and places a modest hand on his hand or arm. In this way, the woman is trying to tell the other person that she is attracted to him and that she is open to possibilities that involve the concerned person.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that the asymmetry of the correlation among beauty, attraction, and sexuality that tells both men and women lies on how they both perceive each other's physical attributes. This is inevitable because the lack of it will definitely keep them sexually estranged.

Attraction is generally focused on imagery that is exclusively on the physical attributes of both men and women, where the society has created a very important role. This goes to show that the signs of attraction indicate the clear identification of desirability.

Given all that, both men and women should make the choice, by and large, to take each other as human beings first and not just mere sexual objects.

It should be well noted that these signs of attraction may be well confined on the premise that both men and women send out these signs as a ticket to conquer each other's space so as to start the "getting-to-know-each-other" stage.

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Lose fat with a dummies guide

Author: Lucy Burns
I actually found a product that works and very happy with the results which is why I am sharing it with you so it can help you like it helped me so here it is:
What if we could show you a system of eating which was so different from anything else you've ever seen, that you'll notice a change in your body in just 11 Days from Today?

Forget about your past dieting failures for a moment.

Just focus on one thought right now..........WHAT IF it was really possible to change your body in 11 days?

Believe it or not it's really possible to change your body over the NEXT 11 DAYS, and it has NOTHING to do with positive thinking.......because positive thinking all by itself won't remove a single pound from your body.

That's right...........if you want to get NOTICEABLY THINNER IN THE MIRROR then you need MUCH MORE than just "positive thinking".

Okay.........get ready to be shown an Eating System which is so unique that you're going to be anxious to begin immediately.
Well, you've already discovered that low calorie diets don't work.
Food is like a LIGHT SWITCH which can turn Fat Burning ON or OFF.

So even though it may seem like a contradiction to say that eating more often is the solution to weight loss............that's exactly what our New Dieting System is all about.
Of course, you must eat the right meals in the right patterns each day (since obviously you cannot eat chocolate 10 times per day and get skinny).

However, the bottom line is that you'll be eating MORE than 3 meals per day during the next 11 Days.......and after 11 days have passed you'll be much slimmer and lighter on the scale.

So what does this tell you?

...It tells you that eating less is NOT THE ANSWER, and it tells you that the solution must be something totally different.

We know that there are *some* people who don't truly believe that they can change their own body within the next couple weeks, but please keep reading below with an open mind.
Guess what?  You're about to shock your body by using a diet which you've never tried before.
This diet is powerful enough to turn seriously overweight people into "thin" people.

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