Discover Your Passion: Do What You Love

Author: Sara Clark-Williams
Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to your work? If not, you're not alone.
Many of us spend years doing the daily routine only to find that we wake up one day and realize that we're not happy. We went to college then got a great job because this is what we were supposed to do. It was an acceptable definition of success and we followed suit. Some of you were lucky enough to find what you loved early in life, get an education to support it and a job that pays you well. Congratulations for your early realization that doing what you love will reward you. For the rest of us who may have taken a little longer (or a detour) it's not too late to start living your passion!

Perhaps, like me, it didn't take you very long to discover that you wanted more. Whether two years or twenty, the result is the same- you have decided that something needs to be different or you might go crazy! When you are not passionate about what you're doing for work it takes much more energy to be successful than if you had the interest and passion driving you. I liken this experience (which I've personally had) to riding a bike, pedaling as fast and hard as possible, but it feels as if you're going up hill pulling another person behind you. Have you ever felt this?
When you're passionate about what you are doing you know it. Author and positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi describes this as "flow". In other words, you lose track of time because you are immersed and fully engaged in and energized by what you're doing. While there are times any work can get challenging, we tend not to mind as much if it involves work that we believe in and from which we feel stimulated and connected. Do you feel that way about your work? If not, here are a few critical questions to help you discover your passion and decide what you can do to start living it today: (get a paper and pen out)

  • What are you passionate about?

  • Are you currently making time in your life to pursue your passions?

  • In general, what do you want more of in your life?

  • What have you always wanted to achieve or do that you haven't yet done?

  • Were you at any point in your current work (whether employed or self-employed) passionate about what you're doing? If so, think about what it was that gave you that feeling. If not, what were your reasons for choosing that particular job/industry or type of business?

  • When is the last time you felt energized by something you were doing? What were you doing? Where were you and who was around you? (e.g.teaching children how to watercolor, overseeing the fundraising event for your church, managing the improvement project for the customer relationship management system at work).

  • Review each item on your list. What was it that you liked about the experience? What exactly gave you that energizing feeling? After you have gotten clear about this for each item, find any common theme. Circle or highlight the common words or phrases. This theme directly relates to what you're passionate about! Was your common theme teaching children? Teaching others about a certain topic? Were you around animals?

Note: Be open with your answers- no boundaries here. Don't discount something you recall enjoying because it's not what's typically considered appealing. Write it all down.
I'm not suggesting that everyone quit their day job today to find their passion unless that is a reality for you. Rather, start discovering what you're passionate about. If you're like so many of us who need the finiancial provision of a day job, start living your passion in small ways. Check out your monthly challenge below!
Your Challenge!
Decide what you will do to experience more of your passion this month. If you're passionate about animals, but rescuing 6 dogs or starting your own parrot rescue nonprofit organization isn't a reality right now, what small step can you take to feel that you are making a difference in the lives of your favorite animal? For example, start volunteering one hour per week at your local shelter, or donate money to your favorite animal-centered charity. Take that small step forward and feel the fulfillment and passion you've longed for.
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About the Author
Sara Clark-Williams is the founder of Launch Your Life, created to help women launch themselves forward to create the life they want. As a Life Coach, Sara helps you discover what you really want for yourself and how you can achieve this. She enjoys working with women who are ready to do what it takes to achieve their goals.

Clients and others who know her describe Sara as “a natural encourager,” “an educator at heart,” “frank” and “interpersonally savvy”. One of her favorite questions is “What’s the most powerful thing you can do to make forward progress toward your goal?” She’s honed her ability to see situations from multiple perspectives and is highly successful at helping others to gain much more clarity around their situation. Her open and direct approach is effective in helping her clients move forward quickly. Sara naturally integrates her abilities as a teacher and encourager into her coaching approach. Her clients not only receive the support they need to reach their goals but also learn and grow along the way.

How to reach your goals faster

Author: sangesh Secure and organize your goals is a necessity to help you make the right decisions to succeed. Discipline your desires strengthens your motivation and help you excel in your business and your personal life.

Start with defining the priorities of your objects in order to concentrate all your efforts on the most important filmmaker and gradually tackle the other, just like when you do the housework or home repairs: one thing after other ...
This approach is highly motivating because these steps, you will discover things that you could not see before ...
The fact to write on paper what to do and see his progress will be adjusted regularly, to stimulate your organization and your team to achieve the desired goal.

Here are some steps:
1.Be accurate. Noting the elements required for each step of your goal, measuring its progress, you go faster in its performance and thence the next goal ...
2. Write down your goals. This allows them to coordinate together and strengthens not to forget their purpose.
3. Focus only on achievable goals. You need to discern where to focus your energies and remove, without qualms, which is not possible in your current environment, so as not to arouse disappointment that may be hard to get up. Put the idea aside in case ...
4. Establish priorities. You must write down your goals in order of importance in order to avoid dispersion and discouragement. Be methodical!
5. The world was not built in a day. Also, keep the goals to be achieved gradually, in stages commensurate without the bar too high. It is not imperative that everybody is aware of the ultimate goal of the year, for example. Reveal the things as and when measuring success in order not to scare or intimidate.
6. Give achievable in the immediate context of the company. Obviously you should not engage your employees on assumptions or uncertainties. The objectives must be made with all the data in order to monitor their implementation until the end.
7.Il is essential not to create goals too high or too low. People tend to take the easiest path because they fear failure. You will need to achieve balance by setting your goals: not too low because it would not be a challenge and motivation, neither too high, which would make it inaccessible.
Remember that your goals lead wisely is an important element for success. There must be flexibility and tenacity. Toughness because without it, the obstacles will take over, but also flexibility to challenge your strategy and take into account where appropriate, the experience of others to find the solution that should work! ...

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Education is the greatest gift that a father can give to his Son. My parent's teaching, was the great molding of my life.
I have Done My Masters in Management and Systems from Madurai Kamaraj University and Master in Human Resource Management from Annamalai University. I am basically from Hotel management Domain. My Under graduation was Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Science.

I have been active in extra curricular activities and I have participated in various seminars and I have presented papers. This grew my confident and public speaking skill. I am an active member of ‘Jaycees Madurai' which taught me to face this world with confidence and ‘Can – Can' attitude.
"Every Inspiration can from others but Motivation within you". I deeply & strongly believe in this saying and take up my journey of life. I always wanted to be a lecturer like most of my family members.
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Personal Development : Being A Better Person

Author: Stephen Campbell
The benefits of and growing as a person and making constant expansion is an innate part of us as human beings. All of us want to grow more and more and one's definition of personal growth along with a list of personal skills for use in your personal development is of paramount importance. Reaching your potential personal and professional development becomes more and more important as time goes by as everyone wants to get better in his or her life in every way possible.

Now when considering one's personal development, looking at wanting or having more with a list of personal skills does not necessarily make you better. To become a better person you need to get better inside and in reaching your potential personal and professional development quicker that you otherwise would have. You need to improve your inner self. Personal development helps one to become a better person and the our definition of growth is one of the first things to get defined.

Taking on personal development is a serious task. To make the world a better place (reaching your potential personal and professional development) we have to start with ourselves first. When your ideas, habits and attitudes change for the better, you could help others live their lives better. Though it sounds simple, it takes a lot of effort on your part. If it is so easy then why aren't others trying to become better? The theory of Self-actualization states that in order for human beings to grow to a higher level, they have to get their basic needs satisfied. The basic needs of a human being are: physiological, safety, acceptance or belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization. Let us see why these factors are important in helping us to become better persons.

o Man's physiological needs are food and water, i.e. basic survival. If you are starving and not having enough food and water to take care of your hunger and thirst, where would you get the strength from to think about becoming better? Only when you physiologically satisfy these needs can you think about your psychological hunger and thirst for self-knowledge. Your basic survival needs take the first place in your life and then your personal development.

o One has to ensure his personal safety above everyone else's security. If you do not feel safe in your personal life, how can you try to bring safety to others? Your constant fear would not make you think about others.

o With personal development acceptance or a sense of belonging is another essential need for human beings. We need understanding and love from our family and friends and the society we live in. This acceptance will make us think of doing good things for the people who accept us and in that process we become a better person.

o The need for self-esteem along with a list of personal skills - once you are a recognized person among your people, you believe that they respect you. This feeling promotes power and prestige in you. To maintain this self-esteem you would do good deeds to better their lives. This in turn would reflect on your goodness. People would recognize you as a better person among them.

o Finally, we all have a definition of personal growth and when you satisfy most of the above needs, the concept of Self-Actualization will dawn on you. With a satisfied hunger, security, acceptance and power, you want to develop stronger ties with others. You rise above yourself, in the sense you start giving more importance to other peoples' needs and wants. You believe in being committed to a greater cause than yourself.
Once you enter the doorway for self-realization you would eventually learn to put other people ahead of you in life and you become a better person, naturally!

When is comes to personal development and our lives, the reality is that you can be whoever or whatever you choose to be, if only more of us would believe and act upon this then we would not have the level of apathy and the situation we see in our society.

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About the Author
Stephen C Campbell is a Master NLP Practitioner, personal coach who runs Self Development programs and a free membership site.

The way to spend a life

This is a story of a doctor.Now he is in Canada. He is spending such a standard life there that his friends can't imagine. We all want to top the class.We always wish to buy the more expensive and charming dress for ourselves.We wish dream to wear that type of shoes.Which to one else has worm.We dream to have the most expensive and attractive car in the whole city.We wish to spend the life with a beautiful partner also having children. our effort is to give all facilities to our children and partner.We wish to have the standard job in our area and if we start any business so it gets success as soon as possible and we become famous in our area but the doctor was leading a simple life.He didn't wish to top his class. His friends always struggle hard to top the class at any cost and for this purpose they make relations with their teachers just to get marks.
The doctor studies only for 2 to 3 hours.He always take full sleep even in the exam days.He said' just to top the class.I can't leave my sleep; Because of his this habit all of his friends laugh at him. but doctor was happy on his life style and at his average.Marks he did M.B.B.S and became a doctor. his friends struggle for specialization.He was appointed in a hospital as a physician.And he started spending his life on that income very difficulty his friends took lunch because in the evening he went outside for a walk.He read books,got knowledge about islam.

His friends or if any patient used to come in his spear time he used to treat them free.He never thought to increase his income. He was an honest man. he liked the moderate life.He had a small house. there was on a A.C at his home and a small refrigerator he usually traveled by motocycle.And he considred this enugh for spending a happy life. when he was going to marry he still followed the moderate way.All of his friends were struggling to marry a rich girl. The doctor got married with a girl and they started a happy life in that small house. after two years he had two children. when they grew up he admited them in an ordinary school. As the doctor didnot do private job so in that spear time he used to teach his children.They were also having the same thinking his father had he didn't advised his children to top class but just gave them the lesson of honestly and trust in ALLAH. His children were also happy because after coming from school they ate lunch,watched and want with his father in the evening . The story will not go more at this routine one day the doctor was reading a newspaper in which their was a job for physician in canada. But where the job was offered that area of,canada was not famous. thats why no one wanted to apply but as the doctor was living a moderate life so it was easy for him to live there. He applied there for a job. He was the first doctor at that time in that area. the people and rules of that area were impressed from him of they made him the incharge of that hospital so he earned more money there.

The governoment gave him 2000 akar land there. He made a farm there and that farm became the way of his success. In few months he became the rich person of his area.And now he is having the most expensive car, home even helicopter. But still he likes the moderated life style where there is peace and calmn. Till now he has the same routine of talking rest in the noon,go for walk with his children.And his friends are still struggling for a peaceful life.

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My name is Muhammad atif khan i  live in pakistan.
My email adress:
My education information: b.u.m.s, d-pharmacy, computer courses