Why Do Bad Things Happen

Author: john gerard salmon
Why do bad things happen in the world today, we can only guess at the answer, but it seems to me, to be a very important question that we should all try and find answers to. So i am going to give it my input here.
    I had a dream one night that i saw a priest moving towards me slowly. He was clutching at his throat with both hands and thick black smoke came out of his mouth. He fell over and lay still on the ground. I nursed him in my arms, mopping his brow, he was sleeping but not dead.
    Everything that happends in our life, happends for a reason and i think with the question in mind it is only through christian prayer that bad is allowed to continue to destroy. Christian prayer allows the good and the bad to grow together. through the faithful prayers of the people who are living in this world it prevents death from winning and sin can only put us to sleep in christ and we can only sleep in Christ while the prayers of the living continue because as soon as it stops, then the sleeping will awake and then Christ will return.
    Our prayer is this, that we beg pardon for those who do not love God nor worship him and we desire from him patience and help.
    As God said let the weeds and plants grow until it is harvest time and then seperate them. This is how it will be at hte end of time.

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